Brand identity re-design and web design for adhesives company

HAR Adhesive Technologies


The purpose of this project was to:

  1. Create a new brand identity for an existing adhesives company
  2. Ensure the new brand identity is relevant, creative, polished and professional
  3. Ensure the new brand identity is visually consistent over the web and social media efforts

The problem

The existing identity system was fragmented and inconsistent. This results in a loss of brand recognition.

The current logo was also unrefined, giving it an outdated appearance.

We also assessed the web approach and how it supported the logo and brand identity.

The approach

Keep It Simple

HAR's values and aspirations could be communicated through a simple graphic that updated the existing logo and still connected the existing customer base and potential leads to an organization that's brand, web, and social media efforts were consistent and depicted a clean and vibrant theme. 

The solution

New and improved logo

Keep it simple and don't over thing a product that can be both simple and complex - Adhesives. Building a website that was useful to sales, existing customers, and employees took a special approach that included:

  • Incorporating a CMS system that was easy for the in-house team to manage and work in
  • Creating a consistent look that was easy to identify and apply to all platforms
  • Keeping the the color scheme very simple so that all future marketing materials were easy to quickly brand and communicate internally and externally

HAR's results

HAR has seen an increase in sales due to the web efforts as well as building an incredibly strong and loyal social media following. Starting with a simple logo and applying it to all aspects of the brand have increased HAR's brand recognition as well as creating an easier process for all marketing creation.